At Nisshin Chemical, we fully harness the power contained within our four pillars of operation and strive to create products that always meet our customers' expectations. This ensures that we flexibly respond to the constantly evolving conditions of the market.

Results-oriented R&D

01 DEVELOPMENTResults-oriented R&D

Our R&D department is designed to meet new challenges. The division conducts research and development for internal use as well as formulation development to meet targeted customer needs. In close cooperation with our sales team, our R&D department keeps a finger on the pulse of society, ready to rapidly respond to market needs and propose cutting-edge breakthroughs to proactively drive growth.

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Flexible Production System

02 PRODUCTIONFlexible Production Systems

From our line of aerosols to a wide variety of fluid engineering products including bottles, tubes, jars, and pouches, our manufacturing processes cover a huge range of products. Our orders include everything from single-item requests to whole product lines. We have to move between custom orders and large-scale mass production, requiring production processes to be flexible, adaptable and responsive, as we seek to optimize our three production factors of "QCD"; Quality, Cost and Delivery, at each and every factory. We see innovation and the quest for something new as our path forward as an OEM company with a reputation for providing added value.

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Reliable Quality Control

03 QUALITYReliable Quality Control

To ensure reliable quality control, earn the trust of our customers, and maintain the highest standard of product safety and reliability, we have become certified in international manufacturing standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. In ensuring compliance, we employ a detailed quality management system, mandating rigorous inspections at every stage of production from when we receive raw materials to when we ship out the finished products. Furthermore, our cosmetics manufacturing division is in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice ISO 022716 at every one of our factories, and we have in place initiatives to exceed these targets across the board, putting us a cut above the competition.

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Speed and Adaptability

04 AGILITYSpeed and Adaptability

We focus on agility so as to quickly respond to customer needs. Particularly in our manufacturing division, we use flexible production systems, including hardware, software, and process innovations like line reassignments, to facilitate rapid change. Taking advantage of our vast experience and accumulated data, each department cooperates with the company as a whole through information sharing to achieve our signature pillar of Agility.

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