Speedy Support for Our Customer's Diverse Needs

In the rapidly changing market of the cosmetics industry, it is essential that companies be able to instantly read the needs of the market and respond immediately with the products their clients demand. Under the banner of Agility, Nisshin Chemical has implemented the following measures to ensure the speedy support necessary to capitalize on market opportunities.

Seamless Integration between our Sales and Research Departments

Our head office is equipped with its own laboratory. By keeping our sales and research departments under the same roof, we are able to collaborate quickly and seamlessly to provide speedier services, from offering information during business discussions to the trial production of new products.

Administering a Common System between all Departments

We administer a common management system between all departments to ensure more immediate and improved communication between distant offices. This allows us to speedily meet our customers' various demands.

Our Production Department's Flexible System of Support

The production department's main manufacturing bases at the Wakayama and Hashimoto factories are only 20 minutes apart by car, providing a flexible system of support in terms of personnel, logistics and production. This allows us to respond quickly to the status of each order.

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