Evolving Innovation, Day by Day

Our name, Nisshin Chemical, is drawn from a Japanese word that combines "steady progress" and "rapid advancement." Here at Nisshin Chemical, we always aim to embody that agility, with stable processes that can deliver consistent innovation and rapid evolution.
In 1970, we got our start making various aerosol products (industrial goods, household supplies, cosmetics and quasi drugs) and went on to expand our contract manufacturing operations into a wide range of general liquid fillings for beauty products and household goods - with a special focus on hair care products. We are deeply grateful to our many business partners over the years. Only through your continual support have we been blessed with such outstanding growth over the years. Thank you.
In order to make life more comfortable, luxurious and fulfilling, we plan, develop, and produce products closely related to daily life. We employ data-driven insights and work together as a whole to ensure customer satisfaction through high-quality attractive products.
Our valuable experiences and long-developed bonds of trust form our basis as a company that is always learning, growing and evolving. We empower each and every employee to actualize his or her potential and strive to make the most of the energy and creativity of our amazing staff.

We must be flexible. The modern world changes and evolves ceaselessly.
We must be honest. In all things, trust is most important.
We must put health first and foremost. Mental and physical well being are essential to life.
We must have fun. You only live once.

Valuing the sanctity of life and the global environment, we strive to be a vibrant and enriching corporation, overflowing with energy.
Under the motto "guaranteed quality," we challenge ourselves to create exceptional products that always satisfy our customers' needs.
Furthermore, we promise to be a business partner that goes the extra mile in providing added value.