What is OEM?

"OEM" is short for Original Equipment Manufacturer
and refers to the outsourced manufacturing of a company's products.
At Nisshin Chemical, we provide comprehensive support from developing the product concept
with the client to completing the necessary regulatory filings and producing the final product.
Our job is to create a product that matches what the customer envisions.

Why go with an OEM for your company's cosmetics?

  1. First, there is no need to invest in the costly equipment and facilities necessary for manufacturing cosmetics.
  2. You also do not need to acquire licenses for the manufacture and sale of cosmetics in order to produce and sell these products when going through an OEM.
  3. We even offer a range of manufacturing services from small quantities of diverse items to large-scale mass production, which reduces inventory risk and allows you to adjust to market conditions.

Our Cosmetic
OEM Operations

We are engaged in a wide range of manufacturing operations from general aerosol sprays covering cosmetics, quasi drugs and household and industrial items to liquid fillings centered on hair and skin care products. Our factories are equipped with numerous mixing and filling facilities, allowing for the construction of multiple production lines. This lets us flexibly handle everything from single-item orders to entire product lines with services that cover both small quantities of diverse items to large-scale mass production. We also offer comprehensive support, from formulation development and container proposals to regulatory filings and more. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us any time for details.

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