Wakayama Factory with flexible production line

Products that can be produced: Aerosol product / Liquid filled product

Facility Introductions

1st Factory

At our first factory, we mainly produce aerosol products.
We handle a wide range of production, from cosmetics and quasi-drugs to household and industrial products.
In order to handle dangerous substances, we have a variety of compounding tanks, including vacuum emulsifiers at 1,000L, 4000L, and 2400L.

  • Aerosol Line

2nd Factory

At our second factory, we produce liquid filled products, mainly filling bottles and jars. We are able to respond flexibly to various formulations, with technologies including antiperspirant powders and high viscosity waxes. For compounding equipment, we have a vacuum emulsifier that holds 5000L, and 3 that each hold 3000L.

  • Bottle Line

  • Jar Line

3rd Factory

At our third factory, we produce liquid filled products, mainly filling tubes and bottles with potentially hazardous substance. For our tube filling machines, we have introduced a new type of hot air seal to maximize safety. We can also finish and seal blister packs.

  • Bottle Line

  • Tube Line

Other Equipment

  • Gas Plant

  • Warm Water Test Tank

  • Vacuum Emulsifier

  • Blister Packaging Machine

  • Storage Room

  • Automated Warehouse

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